Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Spirit Box Portals...the new way for Ebayers to rip you off!

Let me be clear about the title. What is going on over in Ebay land is that they are grabbing up Honeytone amps for around $20 USD on Amazon and "pairing" it with a noise gate pedal and a reverb petal that costs about $11 on Amazon.

Now the funny thing about this pairing process that takes 3 to 6 weeks to perform....is actually them using hot glue to secure the pedals to the sides of the amp and then throw on a cheap battery pack that they bough from wish.com for $5 , altogether they are selling these units for $300 a piece , "assembled and tuned".

I have never seen such a want and desire to steal and deceive people in all my life since the IRS raised taxes. This is as bad as the first Ebay scam the crap out of everyone outbreak. You know the one, where you received a block of wood or a brick. Then there was the second coming when they started over charging on shipping. I do have to say that the seller I bought my S-PB7 from had pretty decent prices on shipping. It was $4 for shipping, but that thing was as snug as bug in a rug.

The shipping prices on S-B7's lately has escalated to almost half the cost of the radio. Now they are scamming people saying it takes 3 to 6 weeks to hot glue two cheap guitar pedal to an equally cheap amp. The whole operation costs about $50 to make yourself and that is including the wires and the Dollar Tree light kit that they are putting on these units. I am not kidding. These little battery powered lights are at the dollar tree for , guess what....a dollar. That is right , you heard me correctly $1. They are charging $20 extra for $1 lights.

They think we are stupid but I am out here to let the public know....you don't have to pay $800 ..or $500 or even $300 for a spirit portal. If you already have your S-B7 Spirit Box then it will only cost you $50....including the lights!

I shall post the blue prints tomorrow for a new posting. Good Night for now.